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Payment of the course fee

Some sport courses and meetings can be attended free of charge by students of the aforementioned universities. For information regarding the costs of the other courses and offers, please see the programme. We only accept payment through bank transfer to our account, which means that paying in cash is not possible.

Members of staff working at any of the institutions listed in the staff section must acquire a staff ticket at a cost of €30 once per semester. The sum of €30 for the ticket must be transferred to our bank account stating the purpose of use. Please note that if you wish to attend any of the paid courses, it is still necessary to pay the course fee. The ticket is also valid during the semester break.

Guests can also take part in the courses, provided that they are a member of the Association for the Promotion of University Sport (Verein zur Förderung des Hochschulsports e.V.). More information can be found under the Association section

Excerpt- Fee regulation (version dated 1 April 2015)
Members of staff from eligible universities
Members of staff interested in attending the sport courses can do so only by purchasing the staff ticket at a cost of €30/semester. The ticket, which is also valid during the semester break, is to be purchased at the start of the semester, at the latest before the start of the courses. Price reductions are not possible.
Courses with course fees must be paid for additionally at the rate specified.

Guests who are members of the Association for the Promotion of University Sport can attend the sport courses only if the course is not fully booked. However, the higher course fee specified must be paid. A one-time fee of €10 will be charged for every session that is free of charge for students/staff.


When should I pay the course fee?
The course fee is to be paid within a maximum of three working days after booking the course (including the day of the booking), otherwise your reservation will be cancelled. 

Which course fee is applicable to whom?
Three different course fees are stated in the "Price" column. The first refers to the student price, the middle price is for staff (please note that this price must be paid in addition to the staff ticket price) and the last is for guests (please note that this price must be paid in addition to the Association fee).

Can I also pay in cash?
Unfortunately not.

If I do not attend a course, am I eligible for a refund?
Unfortunately not.

Where can I receive a stamp or proof of participation for my health insurance company’s bonus booklet?
The proof of participation for your health insurance company's bonus booklet can be issued after the last course session, during the office hours at the secretary‘s office. In order to receive this proof, you must bring written confirmation signed by your course instructor stating that you attended the course regularly.
Participants are responsible for obtaining this written confirmation themselves. It must be signed by the course instructor at the end of the relevant course period.

You can find the appropriate form here.