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Course booking / Registration

When and where  can I register for the sport courses?
It is only possible to register online. You can find the exact course dates on our website.

What information do I need to provide in order to register?
You will need your name, address, matriculation number (Matrikelnummer), and email address. Providing this information is essential for booking a course.

Can I be registered by somebody else?
Yes, please make sure to have all the information mentioned above ready during the registration.

How can I register if I don’t have a computer?
You can use the computers at the university, or you can also ask somebody else to register you.

How many courses can I register for?
You can sign up for a maximum of four courses with mandatory registration (not including workshops).

What if I do not have a matriculation number (Matrikelnummer)?
Please consult the secretary‘s office at the GZ on this matter (tel: 0341 97 30 324).

What can I do if all the courses are fully booked?
You can sign up for the waiting list. Vacancies may become available during the next few weeks, and the GZ will inform you about these changes by email.

What is the waiting list?
Please note, the waiting list is not in any order and does not guarantee your spot. If any places in a course become available, each person on the waiting list will be informed simultaneously by email. Then you may register through our website after logging in. First come, first served!

Can I register in person at the secretary’s office?
Unfortunately, this is not possible.