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● Students are covered by statutory accident insurance when participating in official sports programmes at the GZ conducted under guidance and supervision at set times (SGB VII- gesetzliche Unfallsicherung).
● When practising sport on your own, the statutory insurance cover is invalid.
● University staff are covered by accident insurance if the sporting activity is valid as “Betriebssport” (sport relating to work) within the conditions of SGB VII.
● There is no statutory health insurance for staff of MPI.


● All sporting accidents are to be reported immediately to the GZ!
● According to SGB VII, claims relating to the replacement of damaged property or compensation are not covered.
● Participants cannot make a claim for compensation against one another or against the GZ’s responsible authority.
● There is no liability insurance. It is recommended that participants take out their own liability insurance cover.
● Please do not bring any valuables!
● Please follow the rules of the respective sports halls!

No responsibility is accepted for the correctness of this information.