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Programme and courses

For each semester, the GZ offers university students an extensive and varied health-oriented sports programme. The programme consists mainly of weekly leisure sports events as well as workshops and sport holidays. The GZ aims to encourage health and offers the possibility of learning different types of sports and discovering diverse training possibilities, as well as providing active relaxation, pleasure and rest.

The GZ is a part of the occupational preventive health management scheme, which includes staff health management and student health management. Both areas are currently under development at Leipzig University.

Participation in the sports programme and health management programmes at the GZ at Leipzig University is open to all enrolled students and staff at Leipzig University, Leipzig Academy of Fine Arts (HGB) and the University of Music and Theater Leipzig (HfMT). Due to contracts concluded between the university and the MPI Leipzig, staff working there can also participate in courses at the GZ under certain conditions. Please consult the GZ for further information. Sports which are not offered at Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) can be attended by the students of this institution at the university, as long as there are enough vacancies. In order to check eligibility for participation, student or service cards (or comparable documents) and the participation ticket must be brought to every event and shown upon request. Unauthorised individuals will be considered to be staying in the sports locations illegally.

The range of services offered by the GZ includes:
The summary should serve as an orientation for those interested in sports. It allows you to select the offer that suits you best based on the requirements needed.

Sport meetings
- Free supervised weekly courses for everyone.
- Staff must book a staff ticket (€30) once per semester.

- Different levels
- Learning course offer for one semester (course is increasingly demanding).
- Regular participation required from the beginning.
- Diverse courses for both beginners and advanced learners.

- Instructed weekly courses (basic knowledge of the sports is required).
- Performance-oriented offers for advanced learners.
- Regular attendance required.
- Some offers provide group competition preparation.
- The booking is subject to the agreement of the respective instructor and the required performance level.

Training on your own
- Independent sport activities.
- To be eligible, you must fulfil certain requirements for the sport.

- The courses do not take place on a weekly basis

Courses offered by the occupational preventive health management scheme for students

Courses offered by the occupational preventive health management scheme for staff

Booking instructions

1. Online registration for courses at the GZ is only available for students and staff of the following institutions: Leipzig University, Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig (HGB), University of Music and Theatre Leipzig (HMT), Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK), Max-Planck Institute Leipzig (MPI), Medical Vocational College/University of Leipzig Medical Center.
Other people interested can also register online at a later sign-up date for any courses with vacancies. The sign-up date for guests will also be announced on the website.

2. You will receive confirmation after enrolment. It is compulsory to print this document, which will be your attendance ticket and must be shown before each class. This document also contains important information for you.

3. The staff of the previously named establishments must purchase a staff ticket (€30) once per semester. This staff ticket is to be booked on this platform at the same time as course registration, or in the case of sport meetings, must be booked before participating in the respective meeting (staff ticket booking).

4. Please pay your attendance course fee and staff ticket as soon as possible. If the course fee is not paid by the deadline given on your booking confirmation, your entry will be automatically cancelled. Regardless of this, attendance is only permitted after payment! The payment receipt is to be brought and kept ready for checks.

5. The payment of the course fee is to be transferred. For the transfer of the course fee, it is necessary to provide: participant’s surname and first name | type of sport | number of the attendance ticket.

6. It is not possible to split the payment of the course fees during the semester.

7. Reimbursement of the course fee for not attending is not possible.

8. In the case that one or more course sessions are cancelled, there is no partial reimbursement of the course fee.

9. Confirmation of attendance can be given by the instructor exclusively for the last two days of the respective period. With this document, a confirmation (e.g. for your health insurance company) can be obtained at the secretary’s office at the GZ during office hours.

10. Due to hygiene reasons, for the courses in which the exercises require, for example, a yoga mat, each participant must bring a hand towel to put under themselves.

11. By booking and attending a course at the GZ, participants grant the GZ authorisation for visual portrayal without any spatial, temporal or content-related restrictions for presentation, advertisement and documentation purposes in all display formats and media (printed or online) free of charge. This authorisation can be withdrawn at any time. From that moment on, no further pictures of the person concerned will be published.

12. No guarantee of completeness or accuracy of the information.

Payment of the course fee

For students of the listed institutions, there is no course fee for selected sport courses and sport meetings. Fees for sport courses and other offers can be found on the programme. The payment of course fees is only possible via cashless transfer through the bank account given below.

Members of staff working at any of the listed institutions must acquire a staff ticket at a cost of €30 once per semester. The sum of €30 for the ticket must be transferred to our bank account stating the purpose of use. To enrol to a paid course, participants are to pay the additional course fee.

Bank account details:
IBAN: DE80 8605 5592 1100 694435

Excerpt - Course Fee Regulations (version dated 27 January 2015)

Guests can participate in courses at the GZ if they are members of the Association for the Promotion of University Sports (Verein zur Förderung des Hochschulsports e.V).

Staff of eligible institutions
Staff are to pay €30 for the staff ticket to attend courses at the GZ. The payment is to be made at the beginning of the semester before the courses start. The staff ticket continues to be valid for the semester break. A discount for starting the course in the middle of the semester or during the semester break is not possible. The stated course fee for courses is to be paid as well as the price of the staff ticket.

Guests who are members of the Association for the Promotion of University Sport can attend the sport courses only if the course is not fully booked. However, the higher course fee specified must be paid. A one-time fee of €10 will be charged for every session that is free of charge for students/staff.